Bronxville Postcard

It only took 30 years and 28 minutes to find it. It’s funny that way. For 30 years my husband and I lived in the Big Apple. What could be more exhilarating, exciting and delicious than that? Our loft near Union Square offered spectacular views of NYC’s iconic buildings. Our neighbors became family, and yet something was always missing. It seemed we were always looking…Westport, Princeton, Greenwich, the Hamptons, the river towns, and more. Always looking and wondering is this the place? And then one day, on a lark, we took Metro North and got off in Bronxville. We knew it the second we stepped on to Pondfield Road. Just like the excited feeling you got when you met your soul mate. No words needed. Just that split second glance when your eyes met, the ever-so-slight smile that graces your faces and then, that’s it! You’re hooked!

Everyone talks about Bronxville as the place with great schools, the charming “downtown” where flowers spill out of every planter up and down the streets and around every home throughout the village. AND …it’s only 28 minutes to the city! That’s all true but beneath it all is a special vibe that is unmistakable. It’s community. It’s BXV Strong. It’s so easy to meet people, make friends and get involved in the community and have fun!! Perhaps the most wonderful part of Bronxville is that it is a place for the next generation of shopkeepers and entrepreneurs that are keeping Bronxville fresh and vital. Take the BXVL Coffeehouse. A young couple converted the old MetroNorth station into a coffeehouse on one side and a soon to be opened speakeasy on the other. Or the two young sisters who opened a unique interior design shop in the middle of the pandemic. 

It took us two years to find our apartment, nestled by the river and surrounded by trees. While it is quieter up here, each day brings a new adventure. Until our next post card…come visit and see for yourself… Bronxville is special.

Written by Ellen Hunt