Coronavirus – How our World of Work Changed.

The Village of Bronxville Building Department is open for business. We have been busier than ever. We thank the staff here for the hard work and dedication to serving the community. Because of the pandemic the Building Department had to pivot on the way we normally do business.  We had to examine how are we going to receive applications, execute inspections, and issue permits.  We were an office that was open to the public daily from 9-4. We quickly shifted from working in the office to working from home in the beginning weeks. For the safety of the public and village employees we needed to figure out a way to open safely.  We knew instantly that our work was not going to be the same in the fore coming future. We accessed the situation and implemented changes quickly. First, we used our website as a form of communication. This was the quickest was to inform the village residents. We set up a table in the lobby to receive and pick up applications. This was challenging in the beginning months as residents and contractors had full access to us in the past, to ask questions and know the applications were correctly accepted. To this day all inspections are done virtually. This was a learning curve for our office, trying to figure out what “zoom” platform to use and how to simplify it for all.  Internally we have installed air filters, updated our cleaning process more frequently and installed plexi glass protectors at our work stations.  Currently our building is at 50% capacity with the vaccine out and infection rates declining our goal is to be back to 100% staffed.  In addition, we will be implementing a new software system for permitting and inspections approximately April 1, 2021. The Village has adopted some new municipal codes recently that can be found at https://ecode360.com/9450363 . We hope to have a PowerPoint presentation on our website soon to help explain the changes.

Paul Taft

Building Inspector

Bronxville Building Department